Iraq Veteran rides biplane before Moody Gardens Air, Car and Boat Show. Wednesday (08/09/23) at Scholes International Airport in Galveston, Iraq veteran Donny Daughenbaugh was able to ride in a biplane before Moody Gardens Air, Car and Boat Show this weekend. Moody Gardens offered media a chance to ride in the biplane to promote the event, but i45NOW worked with SERVE, one of the military veterans organizations that i45NOW partners with, to provide the experience for a wounded combat veteran. Donny Daughenbaugh said of all the aircrafts he had flown, this was his first experience in a biplane. As an 0311 Infantry Marine 2 months in to his first deployment in Iraq, a city south of Baghdad, Donny received wounds that brought about the end of his active military service. Daughenbaugh and his squad were conducting a vehicle search at a checkpoint when he had an interaction with an irate driver and was shot in the face. The outcome of that night has led him down a lengthy road to recovery. With lifelong challenges that come from being wounded in action, Donny's injury has shown him that being alive, being capable and having a beautiful, loving family is truly a gift. The Moody Gardens Air, Car, And Boat Show will take place Friday (08/11/23) until Sunday (08/13/23) at Moody Gardens with Aircraft viewings and rides, pilot Q&A's, Airshows, Car show viewings, and much more. for more information and ticket information visit

Posted by GregM at 2023-08-10 13:00:55 UTC